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i) Thidiazuron Application
Thidiazuron C9H8N4OS (IUPAC name 1-phenyl-3- (1,2,3-thiadiazol-5-yl) urea, other names TDZ) is a herbicide.Thidiazuron use as plant growth regulating agent. It is taken up by the leaves and has a cytokinin-like behavior. It causes leaves to lose weight in a controlled manner prior to harvesting, without affecting the growth and maturation of the plant. This facilitates mechanical harvesting. It also accelerates the maturation process, because leaves do not block the sunlight. The plants later develop normal foliage.Thidiazuron can also be used as a herbicide works, because an appropriate dose and timing of administration completely stops growth.Thidiazuron is suitable for extending the life of cut flowers. The substance slows down or prevents the wilting of the leaves.
ii) Thidiazuron Specification
Item  Standard  Typical Value 
Appearance  Off white to slight yellow powder Complies
Solubility Soluble in DMSO,DMF and CYC, slightly soluble in water Complies
Purity 96.0% Min. 98.2%
Melting Point 213°C~214°C Complies
PH(1% solution) 4-8 7.1
Insolubles 1.0% Max. 0.20%
Water 1.0% Max. 0.31%
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iii) Packing, Storage and Warehouse
Our standard packing is 25kgs/Drum;Store in cool (0°C-6°C)and dry conditions in tight-sealed containers and keep away from light and heat.